Some of the best properties in the area!



Payment Plans Available
  • Unlimited Self-Guided Hunts
  • Discounted Guided Hunts
  • Free Guest Pass
  • Guests: $125/ea.
  • Scouting Reports

Pay as You Go

  • Guests: $125/ea.
  • Scouting Reports


Is there a discount for Youth members?

Youth are FREE until age 18 - always have been and always will be. They are the future of waterfowl hunting so we need to encourage them to hunt while they still have this privilege!

You will need to contact Know Where to Hunt Support to have a Youth member added to the system.

How do you keep a member from locking-up a field for the entire season?

Each member can have up to two (2) hunts reserved at any given time (but not on the same day)! The website will not allow a member to reserve another field until one of the hunts has been completed!

Something else to be aware of... If a member reserves a field but does not actually hunt it, that member will be issued a fine. Know Where to Hunt administrators will lock-out that member until the fine is paid in full.

Do all "Know Where to Hunt" fields have blinds?

No, not all fields have blinds. There are a couple of fields without blinds.

If a field has a blind, do I have to hunt from the blind?

No, you can hunt from anywhere in the field unless the website states otherwise. You can use layout blinds if you want, or hunt from ditch lines, or even use the field's natural cover.

Go to the details page for each property to learn more!

How many hunters can fit into a blind?

Go to the details page for information on the maximum number of hunters allowed. We base the max number of hunters off of the size of the blind.

Do I have to share the field with other members?

No. When you book a hunt, that field is all yours for the day. You can invite other members to hunt with you OR hunt all by yourself.

How many people can I hunt with?

All of our properties have a Max Number of Hunters Allowed. You can visit the details page of each property to see specifics about that field.

Can I invite my friends if they are not members?

Yes. Full-Season memberships come with one free guest pass that can be used to take a non-member out hunting on one of our properties. If you have already used that free membership, then non-members can join the hunt for a $125 fee.

Can I bring guests if they are not shooting?

Yes, but there are a couple caveats.
1. Any person that wishes to be on a KWTH property MUST be under our insurance policy. Therefore, everyone must accept to our Terms & Conditions before they can step foot on any of our properties.
Being on our properties without first accepting our Terms & Conditions will be considered trespassing.

2. The number of people in the blind (regardless if they are shooting or not) must NOT exceed the limit set for that field. See the details page for more information.

Contact Know Where to Hunt Support to make necessary arrangements.

Contact Us

Rick Gardner

(360) 630-7904

General Info


Know Where to Hunt, LLC was formed by avid outdoor enthusiasts with a mission to link responsible hunters to prime hunting land. We accomplish this by building solid relationships with the landowners and bridging the gap to our active members. We work throughout the year with the landowners to ensure that their wishes are being met (if not exceeded). The product of these relationships is better and more diverse hunting opportunities for Know Where to Hunt members. We look forward to partnering with you!

Our Goals

Here at Know Where to Hunt, LLC, our overall goal is to give you the best outdoor experience we can deliver. We love to hunt and we recognize it as a privilege. But over the years we have learned from local landowners and hunters themselves, that many of the waterfowl hunters have never asked for permission and often just assume that because the property is NOT posted, that means they can hunt it. Through our relationships, we have found this is not the case!

We understand, when the wind is blowing and the ducks are decoying, it's hard not to want to stay all day and have a blast. We have also seen firsthand how not allowing the birds to rest will negatively affect the hunting. That is why we monitor each field's usage closely and institute Rest Days when necessary. This allows the birds to come back into the fields - keeping them viable for hunting. The Know Where to Hunt team holds higher expectations of its leadership AND members. We believe in following the rules, honoring the wishes of the landowner, being grateful for the day's harvest, and hunting with integrity.

Any landowner that has partnered with Know Where to Hunt, LLC to allow its members to hunt their land, is doing so because he/she wants you to enjoy yourselves in a responsible manner. We all need to remember, this is their land, not yours and not ours. Anytime we are hunting, we are guests and should always conduct ourselves in such a manner. The landowner can back-out ANYTIME he/she wishes and within a few hours, all "Know Where to Hunt Member's Only" signs will be pulled and replaced with “No Hunting" signs - rendering that property unavailable for hunting! This is the last thing we all want to see.

Therefore, we strongly encourage our members to not only take great care of the property they have been allowed to hunt, but also to look for opportunities to improve it, protect it, and share it with others.

How It Works

Know Where to Hunt has three Membership packages to choose from; Full-Season, 3-Hunt, and 1-Hunt!

Full-Season Membership $1000
Our Full-Season Membership package offers the biggest bang for your buck! This membership gives you unlimited bookings throughout the season! It also comes with a Free 1-Hunt Guest Pass so you can bring a friend out and let him/her see what Know Where to Hunt is all about!

3-Hunt Membership $500
Our 3-Hunt Membership package is a great option for someone who only gets out a couple times each season! It is also a great choice if you have some buddies visiting from out-of-town and you want to take them out for a few hunts!

1-Hunt Membership $275
Our 1-Hunt Membership package is perfect for that hunter who doesn't have a lot of free time and just wants to get out once every season!

Once you have successfully signed up and paid for your Know Where to Hunt membership, you can start reserving fields!

Any member can have up to 2 hunts in his/her queue. This keeps members from locking down a certain field, allowing other members the opportunity to hunt the field.

Know Where to Hunt management closely monitors all field activity. If a particular field is getting hunted a lot, we institute mandatory "REST" days. This gives the birds a break and allows them to repopulate the field!

Pro Staff

Rick Gardner

Born and raised right here in the Skagit valley area, Rick knows a lot of the farmers. Rick grew up hunting with his Dad and uncle and shot his first deer at age 11. He picked up archery hunting at age 21 and has shot many deer, pheasant, turkey, and raccoon since then.

Rick really got serious into hunting waterfowl in 1996 when living in Idaho and he brought that passion back to Washington when he moved back home a few years later. He says he loves the challenge of calling and decoying snow geese and ducks. He has a wide variety of decoys and is constantly searching forums and blogs for the next new thing to try.

Rick spends many late nights in his garage hand-turning duck and goose calls on his lathe. He lives and breathe waterfowl hunting and says living in the La Conner area gives him a great advantage to scouting the fields and water holes for birds. Rick has spent many years photographing wildlife, which he says is a great way to learn their habits.


Eric (Member)
I grew up waterfowl hunting in Montana and had many great experiences there, but NEVER have I had a waterfowl season as successful as the one just finished with KWTH ('16/'17 season.) It was simply incredible.

My 16-year old son and I had two spectacular snow goose hunts (one guided and another self-guided) and numerous outings where we shot all the mallards we could hit. We didn't get skunked a single time, which was a huge switch from the mostly fruitless years we searched for opportunities on public land.

If you want waterfowl hunting success--real, consistent success--stop wasting valuable time.

Make the investment in KWTH. It is 100% completely worth it.

Ward (Farmer)
KWTH went beyond my expectation of protecting our crops after duck hunting season. They were relentless against the tough, never-weakening competitors (Snow Geese and Wigeon). We appreciate the help and constant communication. We look forward to working with KWTH in the future!

Jef (Member)
I went on a guided hunt in the middle of November for snow geese. Tony Saldivar's experience showed in the realism of the decoy spread and the mad-minute we limited out in geese!

After we packed up and headed out, Tony took the time to show me around some of the fields, explaining what works and why. In my experience this is what separates the good from the great; a willingness to help others get better and share all the secrets to hunting. It was also good to see the same drive in his son Kendall, who played no small part in the days success (the kid is a goose whisperer).

The hunt was exciting, but Tony's willingness to share what he has learned made this all the more valuable to me. Between his knowledge sharing and KWTH field access, a low-experience waterfowler like me can get out in the field a whole lot more than any other operation I’ve come across.

Richard (Member)
Five Star Operation. These guys are the best - helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Best game on the west side. They do all the leg work for you.

Darrin (Farmer)
I was impressed with the attention to detail the Know Where To Hunt folks gave to this project. They answered all my concerns and really proved to me that this system will work in the Skagit Valley.

KWTH folks really made it simple and easy for us to sign up for this service and they followed thru with all their promises.

My first concerns were how to accommodate the neighbor who has hunted on my land all his life. Not only did KWTH address this concern, but they made me some extra money.

Jason (Member)
I just wanted to say thanks again for taking us out the other day. We all had an absolute blast and can't wait to get after it again - hopefully real soon!

Luke (Member)
Joining Know Where to Hunt has been a game changing decision. Life tends to get a little hectic at times and that's where KWTH steps in. Knowing that I would have much less time to scout this season, KWTH has been a fantastic resource. The scouting reports are very helpful and being able to examine the properties before heading out hunting (via satellite maps) is a great first step to a successful hunt. Furthermore, the pricing is very reasonable.

While the information on the site has been useful, the guys who run KWTH have been great to work with. They're great people and are extremely friendly. They promptly return any phone calls and are more than happy to talk with you about any questions you may have. Even if they don't have an answer right away they will look into your inquiry and get back to you. Overall, my experience with KWTH has been fantastic. Keep up the good work guys!!"

Travis (Member)
Team KWTH, I wanted to thank you for the service your team has provided to responsible hunters. This has been a great opportunity for us to hunt private land and have a terrific opportunity to harvest waterfowl. Your team has been friendly, helpful, and manages the properties with complete integrity. Not only that, but you have put us on the birds every hunt so far! This is a great service and I am thrilled to be a part of KWTH.

Become a Member

Join our elite group of waterfowl hunters!

Discover some of the best hunting Western Washington has to offer!


Improve It

While out in the field, if you see garbage, please pick it up. If you see a fence post on its side, please stand it back up. Treat the property like your own and the landowners will appreciate it. I guarantee they will notice! We've never met a farmer who didn't know every square foot of his/her property.


Protect It

Being a member of Know Where to Hunt means you are part of an elite group of hunters with access to some amazing properties. You've legally signed-up and paid for this privilege to become a member, so protect that privilege. If you see a vehicle parked at one of the many Know Where to Hunt properties, take a minute to ensure that they are allowed to be there. As a member, you have access to tools on the website that can immediately let you know if the vehicle is an active member or not. If that vehicle does belong to an active member, these tools will also inform you if that member is scheduled to hunt that day or not.

In addition to this, if you witness another member breaking any of the rules, you should immediately report them. Remember, it only takes one selfish member to ruin it for all members.


Share It

As a Know Where to Hunt member, you have access to properties that the rest of the world does not. This is an absolute blessing and should be shared with friends and family. That is why all "Full-Season" membership comes with a one-day guest pass that can be used whenever you choose. Once used, additional guest passes can be purchased.

Don't feel like hunting alone? Using the Membership Directory, you can always invite another Know Where to Hunt member to go hunting with you. This is a great way to meet other members and establish new friendships!


Full-Season Membership

Our Full-Season Membership is the best deal we offer!

You could literally hunt 107 days for only $1000. Let's break that down so it really makes sense...

  • $9.35 per day to hunt your own private field. That's right - it's all yours. We don't make you share!
  • $1.56 per goose, and that's only a one-man limit. Imagine if you and your friends all limited!
  • $1.34 per duck (one-man limit).
Plus, if you want to purchase a Guided Hunt, there is a huge savings versus not being a member!


3 Hunt Membership

Our 3 Hunt Membership is a great deal - especially for those who know they will only be able to hunt two or three times!

With this membership, you can pick any three days during the season to hunt. Just like the Full-Season Membership, the field is all yours for the day and we will never ask you to share with other members. However, you can invite other members to join you at no cost and you can even invite your friends to hunt with you for only $125/ea.


1 Hunt Membership

Our 1 Hunt Membership is a great deal for the hunter with limited free time!

With this membership, you can pick any (1) day during the season to hunt. Just like the other memberships, the field is all yours for the day and we will never ask you to share with other members. If you want to invite your friends to hunt with you, the cost is only $125/ea.


I understand that I will lose my membership in Know Where to Hunt LLC for these reasons.

    • 1> Hunting a field without reserving it first at the website.
    • 2> Taking guests onto fields without registering them. (Our insurance only covers them if they are registered. If they are not registered, you are personally liable)
    • 3> Not hunting over decoys (No pass shooting)
    • 4> Landing shot from shells fired by you or your party onto structures or equipment noted in field notes for that field.
    • 5> Shooting from the parking area or within 150 feet of a government owned road.
    • 6> Using a Shotgun Caliber larger than a 12 Gauge Shotgun.
    • 7> Using shells larger than 3 inches where prohibited and noted in field notes.
    • 8> More than one warning of not packing out what you pack in into our fields.
    • 9> Violating our terms of use.

     By Checking this box I am acknowledging the reasons above will result in my membership in Know Where to Hunt LLC being cancelled with no refund.