Know Where to Hunt

Pro Staff
Jonathan Kitchens

Tony Saldivar - Guide

Tony Saldivar is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast with 26 years of waterfowl hunting experience and 30 years of professional sportfishing experience including 10 years as Owner/Operator of one of the top Southern California private 6-pak Seabass charter boats.

Tony attributes his hunting success to...

      1. scouting fields,
      2. studying weather and wind direction,
      3. calling birds, and
      4. extensive knowledge of decoy spreads

Tony has setup spreads ranging from 1 to 60 dozen decoys. He uses Avian X and Greenhead Gear full-body duck and goose decoys as well as Sillosocks (depending on conditions).

Rick Gardner

Rick Gardner - Guide

Born and raised right here in the Skagit valley area, Rick knows a lot of the farmers. Rick grew up going hunting with his Dad and uncle and he shot his first deer at age 11. Rick picked up archery hunting at age 21 and has shot a number of deer, pheasant, turkey, and raccoon since then.

Rick really got serious into hunting waterfowl in 1996 when living in Idaho and he brought that passion back to Washington when he moved back home a few years later. Rick says he loves the challenge of calling and decoying snow geese and ducks. He has a wide variety of decoys and is constantly searching forums and blogs for the next new thing to try.

Rick spends many late nights in his garage hand-turning duck and now goose calls on his lathe. He lives and breathe waterfowl hunting and says living in the La Conner area gives him a great advantage to scouting the fields and water holes for birds. Rick has spent many years photographing wildlife which he says is a great way to learn their habits.

Forrest Zinkl

Forrest Zinkl - Guide

Born in California on opening day of duck season back in 1990, Forrest has always been a waterfowl hunting fanatic. He grew up hunting the rice fields and refuges of The Sacramento Valley with his dad, brother and friends. He has missed only 2 opening weekends of duck season since he started hunting, the first was when he joined the Marine Corps in 2011 and the second was when he deployed in 2013.

He moved to Washington due to military orders in 2015 and quickly located areas he could hunt. He enjoys hunting with his dog Cali in the fields of the Skagit Valley for snow geese. In total he has almost 20 years of waterfowling experience. Snow geese are his favorite birds to decoy due to the difficulty. He does whatever needs to be done to get birds on the ground - be it from laying on the ground in white suits, tucked into ditch lines or good old layout blinds.

Forrest is an experinced waterfowl caller and owns a wide variety of duck and goose calls. He is willing to teach you what you need to know to get you comfortable and hunting on your own!