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Member Testimonials

I grew up waterfowl hunting in Montana and had many great experiences there, but NEVER have I had a waterfowl season as successful as the one just finished with KWTH ('16/'17 season.) It was simply incredible.

My 16-year old son and I had two spectacular snow goose hunts (one guided and another self-guided) and numerous outings where we shot all the mallards we could hit. We didn't get skunked a single time, which was a huge switch from the mostly fruitless years we searched for opportunities on public land.

If you want waterfowl hunting success--real, consistent success--stop wasting valuable time.
Make the investment in KWTH. It is 100% completely worth it.

Eric - Know Where To Hunt Member

I went on a guided hunt in the middle of November for snow geese. Tony Saldivar's experience showed in the realism of the decoy spread and the mad-minute we limited out in geese!

After we packed up and headed out, Tony took the time to show me around some of the fields, explaining what works and why. In my experience this is what separates the good from the great; a willingness to help others get better and share all the secrets to hunting. It was also good to see the same drive in his son Kendall, who played no small part in the days success (the kid is a goose whisperer).

The hunt was exciting, but Tony's willingness to share what he has learned made this all the more valuable to me. Between his knowledge sharing and KWTH field access, a low-experience waterfowler like me can get out in the field a whole lot more than any other operation I’ve come across.

Jef - Know Where To Hunt Member

The guys from Bellingham Automotive and Burlington Automotive scheduled a hunt with KWTH! Oh what a blast! There were anywhere from 1500 to 2000 snow geese flying 20 yards overhead while our guide Tony worked the calls. Then you hear... “quiet guys, don't move, wait…, SHOOT! Oh, who could ask for more? We all shot more than we hit! Opportunity was not lacking! We got birds and had a blast!

We also jump-shot ducks on a nearby ditch. KWTH is the real deal! The fields hold all the opportunity you can handle! Thank you KWTH and Tony for a dream hunt! Who would have thought – right here in Skagit county! Your guide Tony made it happen! Thanks again, we all had the hunt of a life time!

Darren - Know Where To Hunt Member

I just wanted to say thanks again for taking us out the other day. We all had an absolute blast and can't wait to get after it again - hopefully real soon!

Jason - Know Where To Hunt Member

Joining Know Where to Hunt has been a game changing decision. Life tends to get a little hectic at times and that's where KWTH steps in. Knowing that I would have much less time to scout this season, KWTH has been a fantastic resource. The scouting reports are very helpful and being able to examine the properties before heading out hunting (via satellite maps) is a great first step to a successful hunt. Furthermore, the pricing is very reasonable and splitting a field between a few friends keeps costs low.

While the information on the site has been useful, the guys who run KWTH have been great to work with. They're great people and are extremely friendly. They promptly return any phone calls and are more than happy to talk with you about any questions you may have. Even if they don't have an answer right away they will look into your inquiry and get back to you. Overall, my experience with KWTH has been fantastic. Keep up the good work guys!!"

Luke - Know Where To Hunt Member

Team KWTH, I wanted to thank you for the service your team has provided to responsible hunters. This has been a great opportunity for us to hunt private land and have a terrific opportunity to harvest waterfowl. Your team has been friendly, helpful, and manages the properties with complete integrity. Not only that, but you have put us on the birds every hunt so far! This is a great service and I am thrilled to be a part of KWTH.

Travis - Know Where To Hunt Member

Jacob and I had a wonderful time yesterday. Tony is probably one of the best guides I have dealt with. His son Kendall is going to be a good one as well. Between the two of them calling birds and the decoy spread they put out, we were pulling birds from quite a distance off.

Had Jacob and I adjusted better to the high winds, we most certainly would have limited on Snows. As it was I could not have been more proud of Jacob. I can't thank you guys enough for the opportunity that you offer and again for your guide's expertise and knowledge. We will be using your services again before the end of the year.

Brian - Know Where To Hunt Member
Farmer Testimonials

KWTH went beyond my expectation of protecting our crops. Even though our property brought them little money, they were relentless against the tough, never-weakening competitors (Snow Geese and Wigeon). We appreciate the help and constant communication. We look forward to working with KWTH in the future!

Ward W. - Farmer (Skagit)

As a landowner, and non-hunter, the benefit of planning, communication and protection of our fields through the entire season and beyond was a huge benefit to our acreage. We really liked the relationship with KWTH and will continue to work with them in the future!

Steve E. - Farmer (Skagit)

I was impressed with the attention to detail the Know Where To Hunt folks gave to this project. They answered all my concerns and really proved to me that this system will work in the Skagit Valley.

KWTH folks really made it simple and easy for us to sign up for this service and they followed thru with all their promises.

My first concerns were how to accommodate the neighbor who has hunted on my land all his life. Not only did KWTH address this concern, but they made me a little extra money.

Darrin M. - Farmer (Skagit)

KWTH took care of everything and always knew exactly what was going on. I appreciated the hassle-free process and the payments were right on schedule.

Maynard A. - Farmer (Skagit)

The Know Where To Hunt guys put hunters on my fields, had control over the hunts, and paid me on schedule at the end of each month. They were constantly patrolling the valley and sending out scouting reports to let their members know where the ducks and geese were.

After season, they used several different tactics to keep the birds off my fields. These guys did their best and my crops survived the ducks and geese. I’ll continue to work with them in the future.

Jason V. - Farmer (Skagit)