Why Should I Become a Member

Prime Private Land

We grew up in Skagit County and have hunted here for the past 35 years. We know the farmers, the fields, and the flyways. That's why KWTH works with select farmers and chooses the best fields possible for its members!


You want blinds - well we've got them!

Most of our fields have blinds on them. KWTH has one or two Blind Building parties before the start of each season where members can join and make contributions and recommendations on blind locations and construction. We figure you are the ones who will be using them, so you should have the say!

But just because a field has a blind on it, that doesn't mean you have to use it! If you would rather bring your own layout blind or hunt from a ditch line, that's totally fine with us - as long as the rules allow it. You can visit the Property Details page on the Know Where To Hunt website to learn about each field and its rules!

Ethical Hunting

Man, we've all been there! We've all spent two hours getting our decoys setup only to have some knuckleheads sit 50 yards away from us and skybust all day - totally ruining our hunt!

Bye Bye Combat Hunting

Don't you love getting up at 2:00am and trying to beat every other hunter to the field? How about that 10-shell limit rule enforced at the Public Hunt locations?

Just imagine having a field all to yourself - that means you can hunt it alone all day OR you can invite friends to join you! KWTH does not force members to share fields with other members! Once you reserve a field, you're the boss!


If you are new to hunting or just want to see how some of the Pros do it, we've got some of the best guides in the state! These guys are always willing to answer your questions. But we strongly recommend scheduling a Guided Hunt so you can get out in the fields with these guys and spend some time watching them in action, listening to them call birds, and asking them any questions you might have!


KWTH has Snow Goose and Mallard decoys for rent should a member desire to have a larger spread! We also have Layout Blind rentals should members want to hunt from a location other than the field blind.

You will be presented with the option to rent decoys/blinds during the "Reserve Field" process.

Giving Back

One thing that KWTH does that makes us stand out from other hunting clubs is "working with our farmers/landowners after season" to help them protect their land.

For instance; our Dairy farmers rely on their land to feed their cows. So after season is over, KWTH starts their "Hazing" program to keep ducks, geese, and swans off of the grass & winter wheat fields. We have many techniques for this and are always trying new and creative ways to keep these birds from demolishing our farmer's crops!

We also work with WDFW officers to keep them informed of any activities that could potentially result in confrontations (i.e. Bird Watchers and Hunters enjoying the same properties).


We are not exactly a bunch of young guys ourselves so we totally understand when hunters could use a little help getting their gear out to the fields!

KWTH tries its best to run a quality operation and help our members get their decoys and gear out to the blinds. We cannot promise to help everybody, especially if there are several hunts happening at once. But we do our best to identify our members with special needs and our fields with the longest distance between the parking spot and the blind. Those receive our highest attention!

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