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Improve It

While out in the field, if you see garbage, please pick it up. If you see a fence post on its side, please stand it back up. Treat the property like your own and the landowners will appreciate it. I guarantee they will notice! We've never met a farmer who didn't know every square foot of his/her property.


Protect It

Being a member of Know Where to Hunt means you are part of an elite group of hunters with access to some amazing properties. You've legally signed-up and paid for this privilege to become a member, so protect that privilege. If you see a vehicle parked at one of the many Know Where to Hunt properties, take a minute to ensure that they are allowed to be there. As a member, you have access to tools on the website that can immediately let you know if the vehicle is an active member or not. If that vehicle does belong to an active member, these tools will also inform you if that member is scheduled to hunt that day or not.

In addition to this, if you witness another member breaking any of the rules, you should immediately report them. Remember, it only takes one selfish member to ruin it for all members.


Share It

As a Know Where to Hunt member, you have access to properties that the rest of the world does not. This is an absolute blessing and should be shared with friends and family. That is why all "Full-Season" membership comes with a one-day guest pass that can be used whenever you choose. Once used, additional guest passes can be purchased.

Don't feel like hunting alone? Using the Membership Directory, you can always invite another Know Where to Hunt member to go hunting with you. This is a great way to meet other members and establish new friendships!