Know Where to Hunt

Open Hunts
Open Hunts are hunts that you, a member, can request to join.

What is an Open Personal Hunt?

An Open Personal Hunt is a unguided hunt where the member who has reserved a property, is allowing other members to join the hunt.

Clicking the Request to Join button is NOT a guarantee that you will get to join this hunt. The scheduling member is the person who decides.

If allowed to join a hunt, you are expected to bring cash to pay the scheduling member for your portion of the hunt. The term portion is equivalent to the total cost of the hunt divided by the number of hunters.

The scheduling member and Know Where to Hunt administrators reserve the right to remove a member from an Open Private Hunt at any time.

Informational Video

What is an Open Guided Hunt?

An Open Guided Hunt is a guided hunt where you purchase a spot and join other members in the field for a guided hunt. You may not know these members but it's a great way to meet new hunting buddies.

The main difference between an Open Guided Hunt and a Private Guided Hunt is that you do not get to choose who you hunt with. Now, with that said... with enough warning, we can most-likely make special arrangements if you desire to hunt with a certain member/friend.

Another important thing to remember about Open Guided Hunts is that they are for Members Only! You cannot invite a Guest to an Open Guided Hunt. So if you have a friend who is not a member but wants to join an Open Guided Hunt, your friend will first need to sign up for a Membership and then request an Open Guided Hunt. Just like Private Guided Hunts, Know Where to Hunt provides a professional guide who selects the best field, arrives at the field before you, sets up the decoys, calls the birds, and calls the shots (tells you when to shoot). You just bring your shotgun, ammo, a seat, and your lunch!

The cost to join an Open Guided Hunt is $150/Half Day or $250/Full Day. Once payment has been processed, our guides will be notified of your request and make contact with you within a day or two.