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Personal Hunts

What are Personal Hunts?

Personal Hunts are hunts where you, the member, reserve a field for a specific amount of time so you can hunt waterfowl. You can invite other members to join you at no extra cost OR just hunt on your own. You can also allow other members to join you and split the overall cost. When it comes to Personal Hunts, you are in complete control!

Personal Hunts are designed for the person who has their own decoys and already knows how to hunt waterfowl. Personal Hunts are a great way for members to meet each other and save money!

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When it comes to Personal Hunts...

No. When you book a hunt, that field is all yours for the amount of time you reserved it for. You can invite other members to hunt with you OR hunt all by yourself.
Yes. Full-Season memberships come with one free guest pass that can be used to take a non-member out hunting on one of our properties. If you have already used that free membership, then non-members can join the hunt for a $50 fee.
Yes but action is required first. Any person that wishes to be on a KWTH property MUST be under our insurance policy. Therefore, everyone must agree to our Terms & Conditions before they can step foot on any of our properties. Contact Know Where to Hunt Support to make necessary arrangements.
All of our properties have a Max Number of Hunters Allowed. You can visit the Property Details page of each property to see specifics about that field.

Morning or Entire Day Hunts

If you are hunting the Morning or the Entire Day, you can be there as early as you want. But the beauty of Know Where to Hunt is that you don't have to get there super early like you do for public hunting (a.k.a Combat Hunting).

Afternoon Hunts

If you are hunting in the Afternoon, you can start walking into the field by 11:45 or when you see the Morning Hunt picking up decoys (whichever comes first). The Morning Hunt is supposed to stop at 11:30 and be picked up by 12:00 noon.

If there is nobody hunting the Morning Hunt, then you can enter the field as early as 11:00 to start setting up your decoys.

Absolutely Yes! Dogs are always welcome. There is plenty of room in our blinds for dogs.

No Problem! Know Where to Hunt has decoys for rent. Just make sure to rent the necessary decoys when you book your hunt! We have Snow Goose and Mallard decoys available.
Absolutely Not! Know Where to Hunt members can only have 3 hunts booked at any given time! This way every member has a chance to book the field of choice and not have a member tie-up a certain field.