Know Where to Hunt


Requirements for Members & Visitors

All Know Where to Hunt members hunting waterfowl must possess a valid Hunting License for the state(s) they are hunting in.

Snow Geese

There are special permits required to hunt Snow Geese in Washington state. More information here.

Canada Geese

You must take/pass a test and then purchase special permits in order to hunt Canada Geese in Southwest Washington state. More information here.

Sea Ducks

There are special permits required to hunt Sea Ducks in Washington state. More information available in the Washington State Migratory Waterfowl & Upland Game regulations.
All Know Where to Hunt members must provide their own firearms, ammunition, seating, game calls, and clothing. Other equipment is described below.

Personal Hunts

For Personal Hunts, in addition to the items listed above, Know Where to Hunt members will also need to bring their own decoys and possibly a portable/layout blind (if there is not a blind on the field).

Guided Hunts

For Guided Hunts, the Know Where to Hunt Guide will provide all decoys. Members must bring their own firearms, ammunition, seating, and clothing.
Know Where to Hunt prides itself on being responsible and professional. We want to have fun but also be respectful and responsible (there's that word again). Professionalism is the natural result of being respectful and responsible!


Know the Rules! Without our farmer's cooperation, we are dead-in-the-water! It is our responsibility to make sure we know the rules and landowner's wishes for each field. Learn the property lines, arrival and departure times, and parking locations!

Take care of the field! Treat the property as if it was your own! Pick up your empty shotgun shells and garbage.

Listen to others! Everyone has an opinion and it might be something you've never thought of before. There is no place for arrogance and conceit in Know Where to Hunt blinds. I admit - in the past I have thought some people's ideas were crazy. But if that idea has worked for that person in the past, then who is to say it's a bad idea?

Take turns shooting! There will be times when one or two birds will be working your decoys. Make sure to communicate who is next in-line to shoot. Make sure everyone gets a chance!


Safety First! We cannot stress this enough! Always know the location of the end of your barrel! Never swing your barrel over the head of another person! Remember the rules you learned in Hunter Safety and apply them always!

Know Your Distance! Knowing your shooting distance it pertinent to killing birds! If you are thinking "I wonder if I can knock that duck down from this distance", then that should be a huge red flag! Restrain from shooting when you are not sure. Don't give-up your location to other nearby waterfowl. More birds will be coming by soon!